In the name of God the Merciful, the Mercy-giving.


“Our Lord, bestow on us patient perseverance, make our foothold sure, and give us help over the non-believers.” Qur’an 2:250


The Political Program of the Baath Party and its Patriotic Resistance.


(The Program of Resistance and Independence)


As the mujahid Baath Party of Believers and its heroic patriotic Resistance expand their operations and the bases of their activity, the patriotic forces that reject the occupation and its lackeys and political arrangements support the Baath and its Resistance.  A great mujahid people embrace them, and standing by them and supporting them are the honorable sons and daughters of the Arab Nation, the Islamic world community, and all free people in the world.  The Baath and its Resistance present their political program aimed at the liberation of Iraq and attaining its national independence and the unity of its people and territory, in accordance with the priorities and sequences that appear in this document in the following form:


First: Complete national independence, which requires the acceptance by the occupying powers of the following principles and requirements:


Total recognition by the occupying countries of the Iraqi Patriotic Resistance in all its armed and unarmed formations as the sole legitimate representative of great Iraq.


A declaration of the resolution to withdraw fully and unconditionally from Iraq within a certain time period to be delimited through coordination between the heroic Iraqi Resistance and the occupier.


Absolute acceptance of the state and national sovereignty and independence of Iraq and the preservation of the national unity of its people, territory, holy places, and resources, rejecting all calls and laws aimed at partitioning and splitting up Iraq.


Agreement on entering into serious, purposeful, and constructive negotiations with the Resistance Command or its representatives on the basis of the rights and principles of the homeland and its liberation as presented in this document, with the aim of arriving at a formulation of an agreement on the complete liberation and independence of the country.


A declaration by the United States of America and its allies that they take responsibility for the war and the occupation and saying that the operation of the occupation of Iraq constituted an order and an act of aggression that had no basis in international legality nor any legal or moral justification and that it took place outside the bounds of international law.


A declaration of readiness by America and its allies to present a formal apology to the Iraqi people for the crimes, transgressions, and violations that they committed against them and an apology to Iraq’s national leadership for the unjust, oppressive, and destructive measures that they took against them and against Iraq.


In the event that the occupier declares his acceptance of the above principles, the leadership of the Baath and its heroic Resistance declare their agreement to enter into serious and purposeful negotiations in accordance with the following:


Second, negotiations require from the occupier and its allies that they accept all the national rights of the great Iraqi people and the fixed principles of their liberation, which represent the will and supreme national interests of the people of Iraq, and they are as follows:


  1. Complete withdrawal from all of Iraq’s land, airspace, and waters without limit or condition.
  2. Release of all prisoners, detainees, and captives without exception and the agreement to regard the current courts operating against Iraqis as invalid, unlawful, and illegal, and canceling all the measures they have taken because they were taken under the aegis of an illegal occupation and that which is based on falsehood is itself false.. And also an agreement to recognize the legitimacy of all the institutions of the state – both governmental and non-governmental – and all the laws and conventions that were operative before the hated occupation.
  3. The cancellation of the current political system operating under the aegis of the occupation, and likewise the cancellation of all the decrees, laws, and political and economic measures that it has taken in violation of international laws and practices, which require that the laws of the occupied country remain operative and in effect when an occupation takes place; as according to international law it is impermissible for the occupier to issue any laws or decrees to attain his interests or the interests of his lackeys.
  4. The return of the Iraqi army and the other national armed forces to service according to their laws, regulations, and traditions operative before the occupation, and likewise the cancellation of the law of rooting out the Baath and the recognition of its Iraqi, pan-Arab, and international role in leading and constructing Iraq, as a political, intellectual, and social movement with a great humanitarian mission, and a halt of all raids, pursuits, and arrests of Party militants and the mujahideen of the various armed resistance groups.
  5. A pledge to provide full compensation for all losses, material and moral, suffered by Iraq – its individuals and institutions – since the year 1990 and until today.  This would be effected by means of a fund that would be funded by the countries that occupied Iraq, in the first place America and Britain and the other participating and supporting countries that facilitated the occupation, in addition to the huge material losses that the Iraqi state incurred because of the systematic destruction and looting and plunder of moneys, factories, banks, archaeological relics, etc., operating through designated legal committees – Iraqi and from other neutral countries to be named by the Iraqi Resistance command.  The fund would be run by a patriotic government formed by the Resistance and then elected by the people.
  6. Cancellation of all current international resolutions passed against Iraq since the year 1990 and until now, in particular those concerned with drawing the borders, reparations, and other matters.
  7. Handing over lackeys, spies, and traitors who committed the crime of high treason against the people and the homeland so that they can be tried under the law and receive their just punishment for collaborating with the occupier in destroying Iraq, killing its people, robbing its national wealth, and desecrating its holy places.


When those have been done, the leadership of the Baath and its patriotic Resistance will declare their patriotic initiative after the liberation in accordance with the steps in it and in coordination with, and with the participation of, all the detachments of the jihad and the Resistance as follows:


Third, elections and running the affairs of state after independence.


The command of the Iraqi Resistance will form a temporary Consultative Council consisting of 50 to 100 patriotic personalities from among the armed Resistance, the political parties and currents, and resistant patriotic personalities who reject the occupation and its lackeys.


The Consultative Council, which will include the Resistance formations, will form a national unity government of patriotic Iraqi personalities known for their rejection and resistance to the occupation with a term of two years.  This government, under the total supervision of the Resistance leadership and the Temporary Consultative Council, will carry out the following responsibilities:


  1. Complete supervision over the running of the affairs of state in all spheres.
  2. Attaining what has been agreed upon by the Resistance leadership with the occupation in the course of negotiations and in particular the operation of total and unconditional withdrawal of the forces that invaded Iraq, and follow up on the implementation of the provisions of the agreement on national liberation and independence.
  3. Dissolving the militias that belong to the occupation and the parties allied with it without exception, and the dissolution of the current army, police, and security service, formed under the aegis of the occupation and by its activity, and work to end all carrying of arms throughout Iraq.
  4. The re-formation of the former Iraqi national army in all its formations, as well as the former national security forces in all their formations, the revival of all the state institutions dissolved by orders of the occupation, the elimination of the destructive effects of these orders and compensation for those harmed by them materially or morally.
  5. Preparation of a permanent constitution for the country that is to be discussed by the Consultative Council and presented for approval by a general popular plebiscite, that would organize political and public life throughout all of Iraq for a period of five years after independence.  By means of it a president and parliament would be elected, national and patriotic rights for the Kurds and other minorities would be guaranteed and under it all the people in their different nationalities, religions, and sects would coexist with the type of permanent national unity that the Iraqi people have been characterized by all throughout their glorious history.  The elected parliament will be empowered to change that constitution in accordance with the development and stability of the political, economic, and security situation in Iraq.
  6. Free, democratic, and impartial elections would be held in accordance with the constitution after the end of the transitional period, guaranteeing the free participation in them of all movements, political parties, and currents in order to achieve the birth of a pluralistic, democratic, national system that would respect human rights, guard public freedoms, and preserve the unity of Iraq and its people, achieve its independence, and preserve its material and human resources.
  7. Undertake a comprehensive national reconciliation effort on the basis of the rights and national principles that appear in this document.  Such meetings, dialogue, accord, and reconciliation would be open to all Iraqis, their political parties, movements, and individuals who declare their acceptance of these principles and their readiness to work to implement them and to strive to win them.  This reconciliation would be preceded by a review and examination by all the active patriotic forces in the Iraqi arena, the practice of criticism and self-criticism on the most extensive scale, and the adoption of the principle ‘May God forgive what has happened in the past,’ dispensing with the policy of revenge and vengeance for revenge, the elimination of subversion, and the settling of scores, not pointing weapons at anyone other than the rapacious occupier in order to liberate the homeland and its holy places.  That is all for the sake of creating a spirit of mutual trust and planting that spirit in the hearts of all Iraqis to be the fundamental guarantee of their participation in the construction of Iraq after liberation, far from any monopolization of power, individual rule, authoritarianism, extortion, or one-upmanship of some over others.


Fourth, relations with the United States of America and the rest of the states of the world.

The Iraqi Patriotic Resistance and its governments will establish the best of political and economic relations with all the countries of the world other than the rapacious Zionist entity in the Arab land of Palestine, so as to guarantee mutual interests as between Iraq and those states and so as to achieve participation in mutual interests and shared respect with no interference in the internal affairs of the one by the other.


The command of the Iraqi Resistance understands the nature of the vital interests of the United States of America as a great state and is ready to establish good and permanent relations with it on the basis of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs in accordance with agreements, treaties, and international conventions that guarantee those interests and preserve the sovereignty and independence of states and peoples and respect for their will, guaranteeing their right to deal with their natural, human, and material resources as they see fit.


The Iraqi Resistance will establish the best of relations based on mutual respect and shared interests with all the countries that directly neighbor Iraq, in particular the fraternal Arab countries, respecting all agreements and international treaties, and the absolute non-use of force in solving bilateral differences except in cases of defense of the self, the homeland, and the people against any armed external aggression.


Fifth, This program is regarded by the Baath and its Patriotic Resistance as a comprehensive, appropriate, and objective start towards a comprehensive solution of the situation in Iraq, ending the occupation and its effects and ramifications.  The Iraqi Resistance will never accept a halving of the agreement or a partial agreement with the occupier, since it is not possible to accept a cease fire and an end to fighting here or there in the land of Iraq lest this provide the opportunity for the political process under the occupation to achieve success under the leadership of the lackeys of the occupation.  The leadership of the Baath and the Resistance absolutely rejects the principle of taking part in any political activity under the aegis of the occupation or in accordance with its will.


The leadership of the Baath and its Patriotic Resistance, as it presents its national program for national liberation and independence, is determined to continue fighting and leading the struggle against the occupiers so as to win the independence of Iraq and its construction in a patriotic and democratic manner.  The Baath and its Resistance, as they lay down these principles, foundations, and basics that represent the rights of the people and the homeland that cannot be conceded or abandoned regardless of how heavy the sacrifice, hope that the occupier will take heed, return to his senses and embark on the path of truth, relying on rationality, logic, and history, and recognize these rights and commit himself to carrying them out.  The forces of liberation and resistance of the peoples for the sake of attaining their freedom and will cannot be defeated or broken because God, the people, and free people throughout the world are with them.  They will win, by the grace of God, however long the battle with the occupiers and invaders may last.  The occupier has no choice but to accept the fixed principles of total liberation and complete independence from all forms of hegemony, domination, and exploitation, and sit down at the negotiating table in order to stop the bloodshed and save what is left of its face, or it must get ready to face the certain and ignominious defeat of its invading forces and the end of its imperial scheme for hegemony and domination.  Victory comes only from God the Exalted, the Mighty.


Long live Iraq!

Victory to its heroic Resistance!

Salute to the martyrs and mujahideen!

Long live Palestine, free and Arab!

And God it is who brings success.


The Command of the Baath Party and the Patriotic Resistance.

October 2006.


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